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An innovation in the world of tennis: the Tri-tennis® portable tennis wall! This new tennis wall makes playing tennis and similar sports possible everywhere, and for amateurs and professionals!

Tri-tennis® is a mobile tennis wall made of weatherproof sailcloth that is attached by springs to a galvanized-steel frame. When you hit a ball against the canvas it always returns with the same speed, irrespective of the speed of the serve, and at just the right distance for your next volley. Upon hitting the ball, Tri-tennis® gives you sufficient time to prepare for the next stroke.

The Tri-tennis® tennis wall is suitable for various playing styles and even for a variety of sports. It can be set up on every kind of surface and in all weathers. It is also ideal for all ages and abilities, making it a really handy device for tennis trainers. In addition, the Tri-tennis® tennis wall is suitable for children just beginning with tennis because it is possible for several children to play at the same time.

Tri-tennis® can be used for:
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It is possible to print the logo / company name on the tennis canvas, opening up great possibilities for new or existing sponsors. Read more>>

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For tennis clubs, sports centres and similar facilities we offer attractive opportunities for giving the Tri-tennis® backboard a trial run: for example during an event or tournament week. Do you want to try the Tri-tennis® wall or you want more information about the Tri-tennis®? Contact us!

Tri-tennis®, your perfect tennis wall!


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Do you first want to try the Tri-tennis®? No problem, please contact our client service!

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  • Dr. Ivo Ferrarini - Schweiz:
    "Tri-tennis is a perfect way to bring the tenniscourt at home......"

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  • Jean-Julien Rojer:
    "I am a professional Netherlands Antilles tennis player. My highest ATP singles ranking is 218th, and in doubles is 66th.

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