Tri-tennis« PRO Tennis Wall

Tri-tennis® PRO tennis wall is extremely suitable for individuals as well as for organizations.

Length:  1,70 meter
Width:     1,80 meter
Height:   1,70 meter

1x Tri-tennis® zinc-coated metal frame
1x Tri-tennis® wooden rebound board
1x Tri-tennis® weatherproof PVC sailcloth
4x Tri-tennis® metal springs
1x Tri-tennis® manual

Tri-tennis® PRO tennis wall is packed in a cardboard box (1,2 x 0,8 x 0,20 meter) and have weight around 40KG.  

Tri-tennis® PRO tennis wall can be supplied with a “fun-sailcloth”. This is a colored sailcloth with numbered and different sized holes, which can be attached on the back of the Tri-tennis® PRO tennis wall. This is an amusing expansion to play football or to use for training purposes. 

Advantages of the Tri-tennis® PRO portable tennis wall:
• Compact and easy to store away
• Weatherproof and usable on all terrains
• Multifunctional and for various target groups
• Extremely suitable for promotion / commercial purposes
• Children as well as senior players can learn or improve their tennis skills

Recommend Retail Price: € 699,-  
(incl. TAX, excl. delivery costs)

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  • Jean-Julien Rojer:
    "I am a professional Netherlands Antilles tennis player. My highest ATP singles ranking is 218th, and in doubles is 66th.

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  • Dr. Ivo Ferrarini - Schweiz:
    "Tri-tennis is a perfect way to bring the tenniscourt at home......"

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